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Our essence is our experiences and our passions. We love to get to the limit in everything we do, we like to work hard. We love to travel to the other side of the World and get lost to get inspired. Förskel is to dive surrounded by sharks, a small plane heading a virgin island, to have pizza in the office, to surf the Cloud 9 waves or just to lost in an unknow land on a cheap rented scooter. Förskel is pure curiosity to discover new things and places. From the coolest Ibiza club to a low cost bbq on any unknown Asian beach. Förskel is a huge friends tribe, a music festival, the Mediterranean breeze, kisses and lots of sports. We are guys and girls.. .and everything between us. So colorful, Förskel is difference, is adventure. Every Förskel piece collects all this in a piece of fabric full of details and designed to be part of all these adventures. Pure versatility. Pure Förskel essence.

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A multipurpose and crazy comfortable short for those adventure-seekers who love to wear elegant and original where the others don't.

To follow you in the city, the beach, the gym or the bar. For those who prefer playing sports, kissing & traveling the world.

A short piece full of details and color. Because little details make the big difference. Designed and manufactured to perfection in Spain.

The right length

The first decision you’re likely to have is choosing which length of short. We have three classic lengths of shorts. If you are very tall you might want to steer clear of something too short such as a Pola, our shortest pair, and try our longer length The Dreamer shorts. Likewise if you are not so tall then obviously you can opt for a shorter option such as the Sunlight and possibly steer clear of longer/to-the-knee options as they may swamp you.

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Förskel brings a comfortable experience to every customer. swimshort, sportshort and cityshort all in one!


We guys are practical so we decided to design the most comfortable multipurpose shorts ever. The cotton feeling and the extremely stretchable fabric will make you feel like WHOA! Hard to explain, need to try.


NO elastic waist bands, NO laces... please. Our smart side fasteners will give you the flexibility you need adding an elegant detail.


It took long time until we got the fabric we were really looking for. Elastic like no other short to guarantee you feel comfortable and free playing sports, jumping from the rocks into the sea, riding waves and during the long travel flights.


When you like any specific wear you want it to last forever. The areas under more wear and exigent conditions have been reforced för a long life.


Förskel means difference. Förskel is the house för the original designs. A short piece full of details and color. Because little details make the big difference. Designed and manufactured to perfection in Spain.


Where to keep all your stuff safe while living your adventures? Every purchase is delivered in the Förskel weatherproof bag to keep all your stuff safe during your adventures. Just brilliant...


Explosion of color in these unique 4x4 gentleman shorts. Available in a variety of Splash Colors... 6 Colors to choose! What's your favorite?

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